Never Ending Covid Updates

I’ve waited to update anything here, once all this mess started happening, because there were plenty of communications coming from every possible source. I also didn’t have any solid answers to provide. The conference has consistently been saying that they will do what they can to keep camp open this summer and surely colleges will continue, one way or another, in the 2020-2021 scholastic year. So, the foundation is still operating and ready to provide college scholarships, but we are not doing campership funding this year. That is because it is still unclear whether or not camps will be held in person. We are going to start raising awareness of the funds among the conference and we hope to receive lots of great applicants this time around. We encourage everyone to share the information about this foundation and its awards, as some assistance to families may be more necessary than ever. If you are able and would like to give to our foundation, please see our options on our donate page.