Great Fundraiser!

On Saturday, February 17, several dozen of us gathered at Helix Brewing Company to celebrate in Spencer’s memory and raise funds for camperships. The night was a blast, with the employees at the brewery saying it was the busiest they had ever seen it. The campaign leading up to the fundraiser began in early November with the launch of the foundation. We received 30 donations before the event and more interest than anticipated on the night of the event. I (Steven Topham) stood by our little table along side mine and Spencer’s friends and chatted with people who came for the foundation and others who were interested in learning more (or just entering the drawing for our 7 gift card baskets). We had stickers with the mustache logo, that friends were happily slapping on everyone and everything they could find. With everything tallied up after this very fulfilling campaign, we are going to be able to double the number of camperships that we were anticipating to give. Thank you everyone for you continued support! Love, Steven.